Restricted Content

Restricting WordPress content to Wild Apricot members

With the Wild Apricot Login plugin installed, you can restrict access to WordPress content using Wild Apricot membership levels. Only members with a status of Active or Pending – Renewal can access restricted WordPress content.

To restrict WordPress content using Wild Apricot membership levels, add the following shortcode to a page or custom menu in either visual mode or text mode.

Log on to view restricted content.

where the following attributes are available:

  • roles
    WordPress roles corresponding to Wild Apricot membership levels to which you want the content restricted. To include all roles, set the roles attribute to All.

    Multiple roles must be separated by a comma. If your membership level name includes a comma, you must use %2C in place of the comma. For example, if the level name is “Students, 1st class” then the shortcode would be 

  • login_label
    Label appearing on the login button. The default is taken from the Wild Apricot Login plugin settings.
  • message
    Message to appear in place of the restricted content. A login button will appear below the message. You can include HTML markup in your message, but be careful since your code will not be validated by our plugin.

The content between the wa_restricted tags will only appear to authorized users. The restricted content can include other WordPress shortcodes or Wild Apricot widgets.

In visual mode, you can insert the shortcode by clicking the icon. From the dialog that appears, you can specify the role(s), the login label, and the restricted content message.